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Welcome to United People For African Congress

white house
The United People for African Congress or UPAC is a Non-Profit Organization based in Washington, DC. We advocate for the rights of fellow African nationals in the country, to empower them and increase public acknowledgement and respect.

United People for African Congress (UPAC) / UPAC Organizing for Africa (UOFA) (We Are Bipartisan Organization)

A unified voice for Ethnic Africans in the United States of America. UPAC & UOFA. A none segmented organization with no walls of partition. Concurrently to support, uplift and empower ethnic Africans across the entire United States of America, regardless of religion, language, culture and belief.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission shall be to regroup all the African communities living in the USA under the same umbrella in order to create a unique voice to address issues they are facing in their respective communities.
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